How Rockell Became A Tits Hotty

How Rockell Became A Mellons Girl

“Girls with large scones rule the world.” Words without the throat from a hotty of the south.

“Cleavage will receive you a lot of places, girls. Use ’em to your advantage.”

When u view Rockell’s movies and sets at SCORELAND, u may wonder if she was ever a waitress at Bra buddies or Twin Peaks where the angels wear constricted and skimpy tops and shorts. Well, Rockell was, in fact, a Breasts Cutie and that babe had a story about it.

“I was really in Marangos on Christmas Day eating with a friend. I was dressed cute, but my whoppers weren’t out. I had on a sweater ‘cuz it was cold. My waitress was a very alluring Milk sacks angel and that babe was adore, ‘Would u like to work here?’ And I was adore, ‘Oh, why not? Of course.’ So this babe went and got the manager and this chap hired me on the spot and I was a Bazookas hotty. That woman chaser knew I had a priceless body. I had on a cute little schoolgirl petticoat and some cute boots. It was a actually cute outfit, but I didn’t have my love muffins out.”

Everyone knows it’s the food that draws all the customers. Right?

“The chaps go to watch the sexy cuties in the little outfits,” says Rockell, straightening us out. Indeed straightening us out. “All the girls know that.”

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