Roxi In Your Face

Roxi In Your Face

It is the domestic side of Roxi Red…the wifey side. Roxi sets the table for dinner but when u get home early, the plan changes. She’s wetting your appetite. Not for a meal but for a taste of her voluptuous bod and astronomical cups of sweatermeat.

“I adore guys with positive energy,” Roxi told. “They’re more joy and that makes me feel wonderful. I love a fellow with a positive attitude. Somebody who’s wonderful at cooking, likes to clean and is great at investing for the future.

“I’ve been asked before about having sex on the first date. I think it is great because a hotty can watch what a skirt chaser is love previous to going farther into a courting relationship. It’s too bad ‘coz it could change a friendship, if u had one before the date. So it is a difficult question.”

Then some other time, lots of lads would be more than pleased for just a tit-fuck on the 1st date with Roxi. But that’s a different story.

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