SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored The Photo-shoot

SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored The Pictorial

Stephanie Stalls enters one of the dressing rooms at the SCOREtv studio where pipelayer Jack is sitting on the bed and awaiting for their ass-signment. She’s just commented about her interest in ass-fucking on the SCOREtv set with host Dave (in the SCOREtv section in Galleries). Now this babe is giving her a-hole up and this babe is concerned to bust his nut. “So you are the one who’s plan to be banging me up the butt, huh? Let us give the males what they want and what I need!” The Kentucky lap buster knows a daybed dance fan when she sees one and mashes her giant ladybumps into Jack’s face. “Like these cushioned pillows?” He pulls aside her top to suck her areolas and pulls aside her bottom to finger-bang her vagina. Dropping down, Stephanie envelops his pecker between her Kentucky mountains, using her hands to squeeze it tightly and lowering her tongue to lick it. Stephanie gives him the Mamma of all high-energy tit-fucks previous to squatting over his pole for a quick pussy pounding before Jack blitzes her bootiful chocolate hole.

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