Selena Adams: Fruity Boobs

Selena Adams: Fruity Boobs

What happens in the kitchen at SCORELAND doesn’t stay there. Selena Adams provides the kitchen magic. We provided the fruit.

SCORELAND: What’s a sure-fire way for a guy to get on your good side?

Selena Adams: Being generous.

SCORELAND: Sex on a first date: why and why not?

Selena Adams: Why: because sometimes you just know that their package is worth exploring immediately.

Why not: when you just met the person.

SCORELAND: What do you consider to be your biggest asset mentally and physically?

Selena Adams: Mentally, I’m able to perceive both sides of a situation.

Physically, my boobs.

SCORELAND: What are your top three sexual experiences?

Selena Adams: Sex on the beach. A threesome with two guys on a yacht. A one-on-one with a pussy eater that made me come seven times.

SCORELAND: When do you wear a bra and when do you not wear one?

Selena Adams: I wear sports bras when I sleep so my boobs don’t get in my way. I don’t wear bras when I go clubbing or when I wear tight shirts or dresses.

SCORELAND: What are some of the fetishes in your play book?

Selena Adams: cuckolding, jerk-off instruction, dirty talking, nipple play, role playing, small cock humiliation and cock teasing.

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