Calling Nurse Rizel

Calling Nurse Rizel

Nurse Sha Rizel enters, looking love an girl of compassion in her taut uniform. Nurses don’t dress love this anymore. Political correctness, work efficiency and all that, you know. No one wants to give the patients any more shocks. That can wait until they get their bills in the mail.

But in our hooter hospital, they do still costume the old-fashioned way. And the aged ways are still the breast.

“Let me listen to your heart,” says Nurse Rizel. This babe puts on her stethoscope and listens to your tom-tom already beating a fast tune at the sight of her. “You need to chill out.”

Relax? Impossible.

Nurse Rizel has the right prescription. Just sit back and have enjoyment the treatment. It bears a resemblance to you are going to get kicked out of your ottoman so Sha can spread out.

As this babe will say later, “Now you will feel better.”

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