Coming Clean

Coming Clean

Sirale (centerfold of August ’13 V-mag) finally comes clean with a soapy shower glamour photoshoot. Does Sirale really walk around Prague wearing a pink tube top, mini-skirt and fuck-me heels?

“Not in the wintertime! But when it is summer and very hot, I don’t wear tons of clothing. I love stretchy tops adore this. I do not wear shoes like this ‘cuz I cant walk far. Shoes love this are valuable for glamour modeling, lap dancing or fucking but not for each single day. But, yes, I may costume love this on a date if that’s how this chap likes to see me and asks. I love to costume for studs. Now is the time, while I’m youthful, yep?”

We’ve viewed Sirale give chaps great head (“Bust A Nut In Sirale’s Mouth” and “Soft Bra-Buster, Unbending Cock”). What does she prefer, spitting or swallowing?

“If a peculiar man has nice tasting cum, I will gulp. Other times I will spit it out. If I swallow, then no one can see the cum. In my SCORE vids, one boy came on my chin and another came in my mouth and I let it drip out of my mouth onto my love muffins. I made a mess, did I not? What can I say? I’m a bad cutie. Most males cum on my scones.”

When the weather’s hawt and Sirale is not busy, this babe heads to her much loved in nature’s garb beach. If this babe was on a bare beach in America, she’d turn tons of heads. But not at home. “People in Europe are very amenable about nudity. It is very natural. When people cant watch something, then they receive interested. I attract more attention when I wear a tiny swimsuit than stripped.”

We hope to see Sirale anew in a short time.

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