Smokin’ Your Sausage

Smokin' Your Sausage

It’s summertime and the weather’s hawt. Naturally, people are walking around half-naked and stacked hottie, Harmony Bliss, is no exception. This babe is flitting around in a barely there outfit, her jugs jutting out like they are trying to make a great escape. Although the weather’s muggy, Harmony can make any situation blissful with her round marangos of fun. Whilst having a drink out on her patio, this golden-haired cougar seduces this way-younger guy with a wink and a heave of her mighty chesticles. Yeah, she lets it all hang out right there amidst the tiki torches and the bbq. It’s no wonder then, why she smokes his shlong. She captures his sausage in betwixt her rack and squeezes and strokes until he is glazing
her in smooth operator marinade. That’s how Harmony turns a good cookout into an all out cock-out.

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