The Happy Exotic dancer

The Cheerful Stripper

Kentucky dancer Stephanie Stalls attracts a king-size amount of attention with that stopless, king-size titted Southern body. A friend of ours sent us a discharged of Stephanie from a nightclub contest and, ladies man, did that babe look pleased being on stage. When she’s not traveling the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, that babe dances in Lexington that allows widening on stage. “There are three stages and we each dance one song on each stage,” Stephanie says in her country girl voice. On an archetypal night, there will be 15 to Twenty cuties in the strip club. I adore to dance to enormous metal music. I love to get wild. Adore, you can touch my scones. But I don’t crave anyone stickin’ their fingers in my snatch. Some gals let them do that. Oh, I’ve heard they give blow jobs likewise. In the back, not on stage. I give hummers. That is when I put my throat on a guy’s jock though his pants. A lot of angels do that. After I dance on stage, I’ll go to the exotic dance room and acquire down to my G-string. I just grind on ’em. Bounce on them. They cant love tunnel my pantoons in Lexington but they can in South Dakota! Some boyz do pop during one of my lap dances. Maybe more than that.” Stephanie laughs when that babe says that. We know that babe tries to make ’em pop ‘cuz she busts out laughing at the thought of it. “As lengthy as they don’t receive any on me!” A happy gogo dancer makes a glad popper.

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