Super Nova

Super Nova

This is the first time we have photographed Terry in her home country in numerous years. It’s usually been somewhere else on-location.

“Nothing could be more joy than doing what I’ve been doing. Sex!” Terry Nova says. She’s a very quiet goddess but her curves are very loud. “I receive to journey, meet people, receive all the sex I wish and live well.”

“I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter and I don’t wish one. I am just not interested. Maybe another time. I adore to dance and study art in my spare time. I don’t play any sports and I do not look at any sports”

“I like to wear a sports brassiere almost any of the time. I can buy ’em in a shop if they have big enough sizes for me. I definitely adore to emphasize my love bubbles at all times. I wear right dresses and sweaters. They acquire me a lot of attention and I adore it!”

Terry goes looking through a wardrobe closet loaded with hotty stuff. She checks out a bra that babe finds but gets what this babe is indeed looking for by digging deeper.

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