The Sexy Waitress

The Hawt Waitress

Hitomi as a hot waitress? The kind you’d detect in an American burger place or sports bar? That breasturant dream will work just good. With her bigger in size than average tits and spectacular body, Hitomi will never must haul a tray of French Fries and beers over to a table of drunks.

Moving heaven and earth is a bit easier than the logistics involved in bringing Hitomi to the west for SCORE shoots but the Japanese super-model is worth it.

Hitomi’s English is getting more valuable all the time. She is been working on it. Truth is, Hitomi doesn’t have to know tons of English. Her body English is nice enough. One day, some genius will indeed invent a Star Trek-style universal translator that actually works and communicating with breasty angels will come into a new era.

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