Victoria’s Secret Sex Fantasies

Victoria's Secret Sex Fantasies

Conor is getting sun at the pool of his friend Jimmy when Jimmy’s hot mom Victoria walks over to him and asks him where Jimmy is. Conor tells her that he went to get them beer. He’s just entered Victoria’s sex fantasy, and the idea of getting some cock right now makes Victoria fly into the danger zone. She shouldn’t be doing this but she does.

Victoria asks him if he needs a pair of swim trunks and takes him into Jimmy’s room. Victoria knows he’s young but she wants to see if he’s hung so she tells him to change in front of her. She sees his dick hanging below his briefs and that gets her pussy tingling.

Victoria wears a top that allows easy access to her big, sexy tits and invites him to suck on them as she pulls on his junk to make him stiff. She kneels by the bed and opens her mouth to suck and lick. He takes off her top and skirt and can see that while she’s hot in clothing, she’s 100 times hotter nude…just as he guessed from seeing her during other visits to his bro’s house. Now he doesn’t have to guess anymore.

Victoria gets on her back and the first thing Conor does is straddle her so he can fuck those luscious breasts. Victoria’s secret sex fantasy about getting fucked by young dick is no longer a fantasy.

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